Solidarity and Ethics

We launched because we have experienced what you are going through.

You need to regularize your situation, you have the hope of obtaining your first residence permit, you have the obligation to apply for asylum, or you urgently need to renew your residence permit at the risk of losing your job.

We know these situations, they are difficult. In addition to all of this, you are probably faced with other legal or social issues.

So when you want to make your appointment at the prefecture and you can't, we understand your frustration. Because yes, for all these types of meetings, there is never a place available.

In spite of your insistence, you realize that you do not succeed and that it is impossible to contact the prefecture by telephone or to enter there. This is where we come in, it is for all these reasons that we launched our service.

You will oppose the fact that we charge for this service while an appointment at the prefecture is by definition free. This is why we want to be transparent with you on this point: it is not possible to offer this kind of service for free because there are many external costs beyond our control. Apart from finding sponsors to finance the platform, we are therefore obliged to make you pay these external costs.

We do not make any profit with this service.

When you take out a subscription for 9.90€, here are the average external costs that there are monthly:

  • 0.30€ bank charges. This is the amount taken from each payment by the banking organization to manage this.
  • 0.42€ for emails. Emails are not free when you send a lot of them and want to be sure that they will not be spamming.
  • 1.98€ for VAT. It is a tax. It is money that goes directly to the state.
  • 2.15€ for SMS. Texting is expensive. We could not send them and only use emails but given that you have to be very reactive to confirm your appointment, it is essential to go through SMS notifications otherwise you risk never seeing the emails on time.
  • 3.82€ for the servers and the computer program (robot) to check 24/7 if there is a free time slot for your appointment

The total is around 9.90€ hence our offer.

These amounts are variable and depend on many parameters. These are averages. In the event that we make a profit, this profit is directly used for:

  • Offer a reduction of -50% to some of you
  • Communicate on the Internet to promote our service

If people or other websites offer you this kind of service for an amount greater than 10€, it is because they have made a business because they are making a profit. This doesn't necessarily mean it's a scam, but it's more likely to be. So be careful if you are asked to pay more than 10€.

In addition, be aware that the platform development time, the development time for new features and the time spent fixing bugs is entirely voluntary. Likewise, the time we spend answering your many questions, providing you with information through our articles or redirecting you to organizations to help you build your cases or to help you at the legal and social level is completely free!


Rendez-vous Préfecture offers you to be alerted instantly as soon as an appointment is available in your prefecture, which works for all types of appointments and in all the prefectures and sub-prefectures of France.

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