Be guaranteed to be the first to make an appointment at the prefecture

Get an appointment in the prefecture, quickly and easily.

No more hassle to make an appointment: automatically receive an SMS and email alert as soon as a slot becomes available in your prefecture.

336 prefectures and sub-prefectures, 794 types of meetings. Unlimited real-time email and SMS alert. No account creation. 9.90€

794 appointments are waiting for you in all French prefectures!

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What is Rendez-vous Préfecture?

The first site for automatic booking of appointments in a prefecture. On average, our users get their appointment in less than 20 days.

An efficient, instant and 100% reliable SMS and email alert service operating 24/7.

Works for all types of procedures, in all prefectures and sub-prefecture of France.


This is how it works:

  • Registration
    Choose your prefecture and the type of appointment (residence permit, naturalization, medical commission, etc.) then register.

  • Notification
    Receive an SMS or email alert in real time as soon as a time slot is available for your appointment.

  • Validation of the appointment
    Once the alert has been received, click on the link and enter your information to confirm the appointment.



A single price for all

No hidden costs

No account creation

Unlimited SMS and email alerts

Notification renewed until an appointment is made


Available prefectures and sub-prefectures


Supported appointment types


SMS and email alerts in real time


Rendez-vous Préfecture offers you to be alerted instantly as soon as an appointment is available in your prefecture, which works for all types of appointments and in all the prefectures and sub-prefectures of France.

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